Engagement Models

We are flexible in establishing long-term collaboration with our customers and we are seeking to create a cooperation model which will suit best for the customer's business needs. Below you can see main options. They can be adjusted according to tasks and business processes of individual client.

Fixed price

Project deliverables defined before the project start
Pre-negotiated price for the full project
Benefits: we provide qualified project management and take full responsibility for the project results. We ensure the project's success with proven processes and methodologies, quality assurance and risk management. Fixed price project requires relatively small input from the client during the project course.

Limitations: if the project needs changes in requirements, they can be implemented only as an extra work after the project is done. This model is preferable for short-term and medium-term projects with clearly defined requirements.

Time & Material

Our team works hand in hand with the client
Hourly or monthly rates
Iterative approach is applied. Project is divided into stages; at the end of each stage we present results to the client (eg, a prototype, or implemented features, or other deliverables)
Benefits: best time-to-market: the client gets possibility to present working solution to the market long before the project is over. Iterative approach allows to adjust requirements while the project runs. This model is best for the cases when time-to-market is crucial requirements are not specified to a sufficient level of detail development of large-scale applications with complex functionality.


(1) Such project organization implies quite significant involvement of the client's personnel.
(2) The total price of the project cannot be defined with 100% accuracy. We propose to define the project budget and set up priorities for all desired features. The highest priorities are developed first, the least important ones can be postponed or omitted in case of budget limitation.
Dedicated Team: Nearshore / Offshore Development Center (NDC/ODC)

A virtual extension of your team

Close collaboration with client's team
Per person monthly rates
In case of Build-Operate-Transfer model we transfer ownership of the team to the client after a pre-agreed period of time.
Benefits: the client gets full control over the NDC/ODC team's project workload. We provide all administrative, IT, HR and recruitment services with no additional cost for the client. Besides, the client can hire temporary additional staff for limited time periods. This model is good for long-term collaboration and maintenance projects.

Limitations: this model implies that project management is done partially by Embeddora's manager and partially by client's staff. That means more management input from the client's side. Thus, the client needs to assign person(s) who will be deeply involved in the software development process.

IT Outstaffing

Embeddora has put together a wide range of expertise in recruiting process. Our recruiters are capable to find candidates for the most complex demands of the customers. Embeddora is always ready to share its recruiting expertise and help customers with highly skilled workforce from Ukraine and CIS.

IT out-staffing services of Embeddora include:
Search and attraction of IT candidates on customer request.
Hire software engineers in Embeddora to later use on a customer site.
Out-staff Embeddora's existing employees to work on customer site.