Confidentiality Policy

Embeddora undertakes the commitment to preserve the confidentiality of customers information and source codes. It has a number of measures to guard this confidentiality on all levels.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed with every client.

All information about a client (including the fact of working with Embeddora) is disclosed only with the client's consent.

All employees sign an NDA before they start working in Embeddora .

Active Directory based policies and access organization.

Access to company premises as well as to every room in the office is managed by a personal identification system. The access to an ODC premises is granted only to ODC staff, nobody else can enter the room.

Malware data protection used on all levels.

Back-up policies for preventing data loss.

Major clients perform security audits of Embeddora on regular basis. Based on every audit report and its recommendations, an action plan is generated and agreed with the client. Implementation is tracked by the client.