Development experience

Embeddora developers are specialized in creating server/desktop/mobile solutions for user mode and kernel mode components for wide amount of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

We have experience in development hardware/software solutions including 8-bit MCU like Atmel AVR as well as AVR32 and ARM MCU's.

Also our developers have experience in developing complex COM/DCOM and .NET systems, small-scale Java servers, secured Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird and SQLite databases allows Embeddora teams to create complex systems with requirements of high scalability and performance for domains where maximum reliability is needed.


We cover virtually every major need in software design/development for following platforms:

Desktop platforms:

Mobile platforms:



Software development conducted by Embeddora provides clients with a vast variety of options for software development. In particular, we have industrial-quality level of experience and develop both industrial-quality applications and system-level software. Below, as a general reference, we present the list of software technologies and tools we use (all these tools and technologies is what we have a true expertise and "hands-on" experience with):

Windows Development

For this domain we are using following tools:

  • Development Tools: Microsoft Device Driver Kit/Windows Driver Kit for Windows NT family OS'es, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012.
  • Debuggers: WinDbg/CDB/KD, Visual Studio integrated debugger.
  • Test tools: Driver Verifier, IO Stress Test, IFS Test and many other tools from Microsoft Windows Logo Kit and Windows Driver Kit.

We have deep experience in following domains for Windows Device Driver Development

  • Storage drivers including miniport drivers, class drivers and different storage filter drivers
  • File System drivers and File System Filters
  • Network redirectors, Transport drivers

Linux Development

For we are using following tools:

  • Development Tools: GNU C/C++ framework
  • Debuggers: gdb, kgdb (including debug configurations with QEMU)

We have deep experience in following domains for Linux Device Driver Development

  • File System drivers conformant with VFS specification
  • Storage drivers
  • Device drivers for various equipment

Mac OS X Development

For we are using following tools:

  • Development Tools: XCode IDE, Interface Builder, Qt Framework
  • Debuggers: XCode IDE integrated debugger, Qt Creator integrated debugger.

We have deep experience in following domains for Mac OS X development:

  • Development of native Mac OS X applications as well as highly portable application using Qt framework
  • Porting Windows application to Mac OS X
  • Porting application written with Carbon API to Cocoa API
  • Development of application that are working seamlessly on Mac, iPhone, iPad
  • Development of device and file system drivers
  • Device drivers for various equipment

Mobile development

We help our customers create amazing mobile solutions that go where their users go. From optimizing chipsets for custom devices, to integrating middle ware platforms, to building mobile applications, we work across all layers of mobile technology to deliver solutions that stand out in the market. We help communications service providers deliver high-bandwidth content across the latest networks; financial services providers deliver unique mobile banking offerings; and healthcare providers deliver quality patient care through mobile

iPhone development

iOS developers in Embeddora deliver not only successful products using the modern and glossy iOS interface, improved multi-tasking system and better security, but also have one of the largest community to support each other and share experience. As the cost of development and time to deliver for iOS projects is much lower, comparing with other mobile operating systems, iOS is attractive for developers, and the number and experience of iOS/Objective C and Qt framework/C++ developers at Embeddora continuously grows.

  • Development Tools: XCode 4 and higher, Qt 5 framework
  • Application and system-level technologies: XCode and other...
Android development

Our developers use both C/C++ and Java to create stable Android applications and this attracts more skilled engineers that to work on the applications.

  • Development Tools: Qt 5.2 framework, Eclipse
  • Application and system-level technologies: Android SDK, Android NDK

Embedded development

Our embedded software developers work with customers across all industry segments to build amazing embedded products that rely on increasingly innovative hardware and more complex software designs. Working across the chip, system, and application layers, we collaborate on every stage of the device engineering process, from hardware selection to OS adaptation to embedded software development to UI design.

Our experience with wireless communications protocols and cloud-based technologies, coupled with our cross-industry expertise, further enables us to build smart, integrated solutions. When collaborating on mission-critical equipment, such as telecom and medical devices, we leverage strict QA procedures and are compliant with international standards and certifications for safety and quality.